Open Call for Initiatives!

Charitree - What´s it all about?


We are working to build a platform that showcases various projects in Berlin that provide innovative and sustainable solutions, which help integrate refugees in our society.

The objective is to provide a physical space for intimate and detailed understanding of the brilliant work being done by various social campaigns that address the issues of refugees.


We take those projects and their initiators out of the digital space and bring them together to make their work tangible for media, society and their potential supporters.      


Therefore, we are hosting interactive events at YAAM where the invited initiatives will get the chance to showcase and promote their projects. You will have to cook, eat, play, enjoy art, music and you will have interesting company to share the fun with!


Besides the interactive part, each project will get an individual booth, interviews will be held on a main stage and there will be different opportunities throughout the event to support the projects.


Next event coming soon!

Presented by YAAM!

An der Schillingbrücke 3,10243 Berlin

The Tree

The sustainable integration of refugees in our society is an important issue.

Together with students from architecture school, we built up a huge symbolic tree inside the venue. One branch represents one initiative from Berlin, working with refugees and migration. Together they form the Charitree.

It will be up to you to fill those branches with charries...

How it works

At the entrance you can buy a symbolic pair of cherries for 5 Euro.

The initiatives will present their work so that you can decide whom you wish to support. You can then hang your charry on their branch of the Charitree.

Last year we received sponsored beverages from the company Proviant and some other beverage suppliers that we soldat the Charitree event. All profits made from these sales benefit the participating projects and were distributed evenly.


There is a deposit of one euro for each bottle (the German 'Pfand'). In return you get a little button that you can also hang on a branch. This way you can additionally support an initiative.

The Projects in 2015

Familiar Facades

Die Abgrenzung gegen Zuwanderung. “Familiar Facades” möchte die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Schicksale und Geschichten von Menschen lenken und gegen Ignoranz anarbeiten welche sich gegen jene richtet... more


Foos4friends ist eine gemeinnützige Aktion mit und für Flüchtlinge in Deutschland.
Unser Ziel: 100 Kickertische an 100 Flüchtlingseinrichtungen verschenken...more

Let's gather together

to.gather e.V.'s aim is to provide support for refugees, whether it is to raise money, collect donations, bring people together or to collaborate with individuals, collectives and institutions, who engage in the same field... more


querstadtein – Obdachlose zeigen Ihr Berlin ist etabliert – wie ihr wisst, laufen die Rundgänge nun bereits seit zwei Jahren sehr erfolgreich, nicht zuletzt dank eurer Unterstützung! Nun ist Zeit für den nächsten Schritt und wir freuen uns, euch heute zu verraten, was wir seit ein paar Monaten planen: querstadtein – Flüchtlinge zeigen ihr Berlin steht in den Startlöchern... more

BAITONA - Unser Zuhause

Wir sind eine private Initiative von Freunde*innen,
die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat mit so vielen Menschen wie möglich,
so viele Wohnungen wie möglich in Berlin zu kaufen...more

Migration HUB Berlin

Migration Hub in Berlin: A place for opportunities

The solution to the refugee crisis is perhaps the biggest social challenge for Europe in this decade.Resolved through the right decision by Angela Merkel to act decisively in this crisis and accommodate arriving people, Germany takes on a central role and faces a task of historic proportions. But above all... more

Kitchen on the Run

supports and promotes communication and mutual understanding between refugees from all over the world and locals in Europe. With a shipping container remodeled into a mobile kitchen and dining space... more

             Refugee Board

Jeden Tag steigt die Zahl der Menschen, die in Deutschland Zuflucht und Hilfe suchen. Durch beispielloses Engagement und die enorme Hilfsbereitschaft entstehen viele neue Initiativen zur Unterstützung und Versorgung von Geflüchteten... more

Kiron University

The concept of the Kiron is designed according to the iooi-method, following the causal chain „Input – Output – Outcome – Impact“. This is enabling distinct structures as well as sustainable impact measurement. Just like a conventional university, our virtual university is built... more

Refugee Emancipation e.V.

The Project's goals are to improve the quality of life of Refugees in Germany by using the Internet as a tool to reduce their isolation, connecting them with each other, with their homelands, and with their local community. The Project conducts and maintains a Website where refugee issues...more


Wir vernetzen refugees mit Sprachmittler_innen - Du möchtest angesichts der aktuellen Flüchtlingssituation nicht länger tatenlos zusehen? Du sprichst neben Deutsch noch eine Fremdsprache oder... more

Safe Journey

We Wish You a Safe Journey!  Das wünschen wir Flüchtlingen, die sich auf den Weg in die EU gemacht haben, um hier Asyl zu beantragen. Dass dies meist nicht der Fall ist, wissen wir seit Jahren aus den Medien. Die unzähligen Toten im Mittelmeer und an den Landgrenzen Osteuropas sind das unmittelbare Ergebnis einer zynischen Politik der Friedensnobelpreisträgerin EU, die mit Frontex...more

More coming soon...

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